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President Trump Signs EO Targeting Urban Revitalization

“With the creation of today’s council, the resources of the whole federal government will be leveraged to rebuild low-income and impoverished neighborhoods that have...

Trump Retweets NYPost Article: ‘Hillary’s 33,000 Emails Might Not Missing’

Does President Trump have Hillary's 33,000 deleted emails??

Virginia Citizens Defense League to Appeal $12 million Suit Against Katie Couric

The nature of the ruling is so dangerous to our liberty that we must stay in the fight and prevail.

Mainstream Media Abandons Journalistic Principle… To Take Down Trump

Journalistic principles, once revered in every aspect of the media industry, have been abandoned... here's why.

US Government is Failing to Serve the Public, Time For a Convention of States?

11 State Legislators have have passed legislation calling for a Convention of States... has yours?

Your Money Goes to Washington… The end.

A sad tale for sure...

The Pied Piper of the Radical Left – Video Exposes His Evil Aims…

The invisible hand behind much of the manipulation of our culture is leading his sheep to slaughter.

MSNBC Chris Matthews Exposes Further Proof of Far-Left’s Delusions of Grandeur

Alt-Left Cult in denial about what the American people trust in politics.