Past Articles

Rep. Adam Schiff Goes Silent After Reviewing Nunes Documents

What Schiff isn't saying speaks volumes...

Top Democrat: Obama Admin Was Investigating Trump Since Spring of 2015

Obama administration had been investigating Donald Trump since the spring of 2015.
Mob Rule - vindictive protectiveness

The Virtue of Victimhood – Progressivism Has Created a Generation of Victims

Emotional coddling on today's college campuses is creating a generation of victims.

Senator McCain Falls Prey to Russian Pranksters… and It’s Bad!

Senator McCain openly discusses foreign policy details to Russian pranksters... disturbing.

Climate Change “Science” Rocked by Another Scandal

NOAA scientists manipulated temperature data to make Global Warming seem worse going into the 2015 Paris UN Climate Conference.

Clinton Foundation “Pay-to-Play” Falls Apart After Hillary Election Loss

Clinton Foundation donations fall dramatically as Hillary Clinton influence fades into the woodwork.

Harry Reid’s Legacy: Supreme Court Nominee Ascension to the Court Guaranteed

Removal of the filibuster option by Harry Reid has paved the way for confirmation of President Trump's Supreme Court Nominee.

What Was Obama Trying to Hide by Burying the Osama bin Laden Documents?

Something is missing from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), and it begs the question, what did the Obama Administration hide from the documents.

Congress Considers Bill to Overturn Obama’s Social Security ‘Back Door Gun Grab’

Another Obama Constitutional overreach about to go away...

Positive Steps to Combat Underlying Issue Facing the Gun Violence

National Shooting Sports Foundation partners with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Secretary of Defense Mattis First Day Letter to DoD Employees – It’s Awesome

Secretary of Defense James Mattis immediately sends letter to DoD employees... and it's awesome.

NYT: ‘How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News’

Liberal New York times lays out a blueprint for taking down conservative news outlets... starting with Breitbart.