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President Obama’s Gun Grab is a Distraction From ISIS Threat

Distraction and mis-direction have been a mainstay in the Obama playbook. The fight against ISIS has not been going well and Obama does not want the national naritive focused on his failue..

Just like any good orator, and I will give him credit here, if you don’t like the way a conversation is going – – you change it.  Right now our president does not like the flavor of our national conversation, and has happened numerous times with this administration, he is attempting to change it.


The conversation around the world this year has been ISIS. Will the caliphate spread beyond Syria and Iraq? Will ISIS infiltrate Europe and the US disguised as refugees? And will the Western powers do enough to decimate this enemy over there so we don’t face them at home?


By the end of 2015, the answers to these questions were no longer just hypothetical. They were very concerning. With the Paris attacks and San Bernardino we knew with certainty what we had feared all along; that ISIS cancer was spreading and our government was incapable of keeping us safe.

Before it was known that there definitely was a connection to ISIS in the San Bernardino attack, President Obama took a very different response to ISIS terror — tell law-abiding citizens that the problem isn’t radical Islamic terror, it is instead the Second Amendment.

This is progressive’s typical response to problems that its ideology will not allow to confront head-on — redefine the problem, distract attention and create a new narrative.

Barack Obama’s attempt to redirect our attention to gun control is just a distraction from our real problems, and fortunately most Americans recognize it as such.  The lesson here is that when the left redirects the narrative, conservatives need to push back with equal and opposite force.

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