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The End is Near for Hillary… Here’s Why

The Democrats have a long and sorted history of protecting their own and many believe that U.S. Attorney General Lynch will continue that long and unscrupulous Democratic tradition.  I don’t believe that it is going to matter if Hillary Clinton’s email scandal sees the light of a Grand Jury or not… the end is very near for her political career.  I know there will be much disagreement with this statement, but allow me to explain.

First let’s begin by explaining why it even matters.  What’s the big deal if Hillary used her private email server to communicate highly classified State Department and national security information?  Putting aside for a minute that this information most likely put American lives in danger, the sole reason that this is such a big deal is that what she did IS criminal.  If she, which is looking less and less likely, is elected as president, she would be the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the United States.  So yes, it matters.

For those who don’t quite get why this is criminal, National Review explained it this very simple way:

Imagine that you own a large department store called Foggy Bottom. Your most frequent customer is a superbly connected globetrotter with some one million miles on her passport. She never uses a standard shopping basket like everyone else. Instead, she strolls in with her own gigantic, custom-made, black-leather handbag.

Quite often when this 68-year-old grandmother visits Foggy Bottom, you catch her shoplifting. Indeed, you have pried 1,340 pilfered items that magically tumbled into her black bag.

How does she get away with it? Whenever you call the police, she gives them the same excuse:

“I did not take anything marked with a price tag.”

You keep wondering, “Why don’t the cops arrest her already?”

The authorities seem to accept her unprecedented justification. But everyone believes she knows better: Just because a sweater lacks a price tag doesn’t make it free of charge.

Eventually, you learn that those price tags didn’t vanish by accident. While you tended to other patrons at Foggy Bottom, you missed members of this crafty lady’s entourage deliberately snipping price tags off the merchandise. That way, when she says, “I never walked off with anything that carried a price tag,” her flimsy rationale somehow seems marginally plausible — at least to those who want to accept it. Now, it slowly emerges, the whole thing was not a parade of pratfalls, but a conspiracy since her four-year-long crime spree began.

Having solved this mystery, at last, you call 911. You hope that law enforcement finally will haul this supercilious woman and her entire posse to jail. And yet you wonder: Will someone this powerful ever receive the equal justice she deserves?

Of course, this little fable parallels Hillary Clinton and E-mailgate. Her claims about not having classified data on her private server collapsed as 1,340 classified e-mails materialized. She then pleaded that nothing on her server was “marked classified.” Plenty of “born classified” messages surfaced that anyone with six years’ service on the Senate Armed Services Committee (as she had) easily would recognize as classified — even without markings.

It now appears that those markings were deleted by former Secretary Clinton’s top State Department aides, so that she and they could enjoy the “convenience” of seeing classified documents on their BlackBerrys — including Clinton’s hacker-friendly device.

As Hoover Institution scholar Paul Sperry explained in January 24’s New York Post, e-mails cannot jump from classified government systems to unclassified ones.

“Clinton’s staff would have simply retyped classified information from the [secret] systems into the non-classified system or taken a screen shot of the classified document,” Sperry wrote, citing Diplomatic Security Service special agent Raymond Fournier. “Either way,” Fournier said, “it’s totally illegal.”

Whether Clinton knew the information was classified or not is irrelevant to whether it is criminal.  Hillary’s claim of ignorance will not avoid the full weight of the law should Lynch decide to move forward with a Grand Jury.  As many as 100 special agents are said to be working on the investigation, including about 50 assigned to work the case on a temporary basis.  The FBI does not focus that kind of resources on “nothing to see here” cases and recent reports are that they have amassed more than enough to indict Hillary, and more than likely her accomplices.


Now back to why I believe that this is truly the end of Hillary’s political career.  I think it’s pretty obvious that if Hillary is indicted by a Grand Jury, her hopes of the White House will be a thing of the past.  What I believe people are missing here is that if the US Attorney General fails to bring this scandal to a Grand Jury, there will be a revolt of unprecedented proportions in the Intelligence Community.

We would see FBI director Jim Corney, and potentially many in the intelligence agencies,699px-US-FBI-ShadedSeal.svg resign in a flood of controversy.  People forget that Director Corney threatened to resign when President George W. Bush wanted him to deviate from accepted professional standards.  Former US Attorney Joseph diGenova said this in a recent interview:

This case is about the future of enforcement of classified information, [Clinton] has gotten a pass up to this point on any accusation being made public. But those days are going to be short lived.
And if the attorney general were to decide that there would not be an indictment, I can assure you that the FBI and the intelligence community would go ballistic
[The intelligence community and FBI] are very concerned that there must be charges in this case because if not, they will never be able to prosecute any other federal employee for negligently handling classified information.

The result of a non-indictment would be an unprecedented uprising of people with extraordinary integrity.  They would not allow such a travesty of justice because they understand the long-term affects of non-enforcement when it comes to national security information.  Their motivations will not be political but altruistic, and there will be nothing Obama and his administration would be able to do that would prevent the details from becoming public.  Hillary would be tried in the court of public opinion.

It will not matter if Hillary is indicted or not, she will see her day in court… the only remaining question is which one.

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