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Clueless – Democrats Continue to Wander Aimlessly in the Wilderness

Leading up to the inauguration of Donald Trump, the Liberal Media had a brief moment of realization that their party and its politics had suffered a tremendous loss under President Obama.  The American public was not buying ‘Fundamental Transformation’ as the way the country should be heading.

That momentary epiphany was short lived and and it was back to their old ways… politics of personal destruction, obfuscation, and their favorite — making anyone who disagrees with them ‘literally Hitler’ by whatever means necessary.

President Donald Trump lashed out Sunday morning at Democrats who are trying to save the battle-scarred Obamacare medical insurance overhaul, saying they are leaderless, obstructionist and selfish.

“The Democrats, without a leader, have become the party of obstruction,” he tweeted.  “They [Democrats] are only interested in themselves and not in what’s best for [the] U.S.”


Democrats have rallied outside the Supreme Court, marched (for women, for science, for climate), boycotted committee hearings, erected procedural hurdles, voted against both President Trump and congressional Republicans’ agenda and generally vented anger at every turn.

“Every act of resistance you’ve seen from Democratic congressional leadership has been in response to the organic, nationwide wave of public pressure to fight President Trump rather than work with him,” said Christy Setzer, a Democratic strategist. “The liberal grass roots has a zero-tolerance policy for Trump that’s every bit as vitriolic and engaged as the one you saw fighting Obama.”

The Democratic message is unfocused and is quickly degrading to what essentially amounts to a ‘Mob Rule’ mentality.  Democrats, meanwhile, say the public marches and protests against President Trump have energized them and given them hope that they can overcome the void left by Mr. Obama. I seriously have my doubts.  Even the Liberal Washington Post recognized that, “Their opposition to President-elect Donald Trump and the Republicans is lame, lazy and leaderless.”

The aimless wilderness wandering continues, even as the new radical-left DNC chair and a failed candidate conduct a failed ‘reunite’ tour in an attempt to rally Democrats to find themselves.  Meanwhile radical agitators seem to be carrying the loudest voice… bad news, I believe, for the party.

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