Congress Fights Back Against Obama’s Israel Betrayal

After years of U.N. feckless dabbling in globalism and supporting anti-freedom agendas, it's time for the U.S. to bail out of the United Nations.

A bipartisan condemnation of the Obama administration for its decision to help develop and pass a U.N. resolution condemning the construction of Jewish homes in Jerusalem is fueling a response from Congress to stop further unprecedented action against Israel.

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

The Obama administration’s decision to allow the resolution to pass drew outrage from a bipartisan range of voices in Congress and the Jewish organizational world.

Sources who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon described Biden as personally lobbying in favor of the resolution, which comports with claims by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed.”

“Biden lobbied Ukraine and of course administration officials are too cowardly to admit it,” said a senior pro-Israel official who is working with Congressional offices on responding to the resolution. “With everything that’s going on involving Russia, Iran, and Syria, this is how the Obama administration choose to spend its precious diplomatic capital. They decided to twist arms and trade favors for a resolution that cuts off Jews from Jerusalem, a city that is Israel’s capital city according to American law.”

Colin Kahl, Biden’s national security advisor, denied the call took place.

This betrayal of our long time ally by the Obama administration is unprecedented and as the New York Times reported, Benjamin Netanyahu’s response was a scathing indictment of the administration.  “From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed,” Mr. Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting.

Israeli-Palestinian-conflictThe United Nations has consistently been on the wrong side of freedom and human rights issue.  It has consistently sided against Israel and until now, the United States has essentially been their only ally.  The U.N. has passed nearly 80 resolutions pertaining to the Israel-Palestinian conflict in which they condemned Israel while only issuing one condemning the Palestinians


Congress is already working plans to cut off U.S. funding to the United Nations in the wake of a contested vote in which the Obama administration permitted an anti-Israel resolution to win overwhelming approval, according to congressional leaders the current administration is already plotting to take further action against the Jewish state before vacating office.

It is my opinion that the U.N. is an ineffective embarrassment and should be defunded.  Its focus on globalization is in direct conflict with American principles and ideals.  It doesn’t prevent wars or improve any conflict and thank God it doesn’t possess the political authority to do so because an organization dominated by authoritarian governments could be sucking even more tax dollars out of U.S. citizens and spending more money on fruitless phantasms of radical environmental policy.

If you agree – CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVE and let them know that you support defunding the U.N. and severing our ties with them.

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