Face the Nation Panel: “Make America Great Again,” is a “deeply encoded,” slogan…

...“promise of white prosperity above everything else.” Liberals struggle to make sense of loosing the election and are desperately grasping at straws to come to grips.

A Face the Nation political panel today struggled to come to grips with reality.  In this supposed political panel, there was but a 22 minute monologue of Liberalism as not one of the panelists presented an opposing point of view.  I struggled not to roll on the floor laughing as they paint a picture of the end of government as we know it “crisis of democracy” that will only benefit “White America.”  They truly do not understand and cannot come to grips with the fact that America rejected their elitist progressive ideology… lock, stock and barrel.

Michele Norris also states that the Trump slogan is racist… the tirade starts at the 8:30.

I almost thought I was watching a Saturday Night Live skit. Enjoy.


Trump has done America a great service by keeping the Clintons (as well as Huma, Podesta, and the rest) out of the White House for a second time.  If he does nothing more than appoint a Constitutional conservative (or two) to the Court, overturn Obama’s executive orders and repeal Obamacare, his presidency will be a success.  Here’s to hoping he follows through on his campaign promises.

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