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Hatred of Trump and the Deplorables is Consuming the Left

The media and Leftist politicians abandons ‘sacred principles of journalism and politics’ to stop Trump

The American people are struggling to unravel the two major political dramas currently unfolding in the political landscape, both with dire connotations.  First, there are claims that the Obama administration surveilled President Trump’s 2016 campaign — and second that there was communication between the Trump campaign and Russian officials.  Both scenarios are fraught with spin by pundits and news media.  So much so that the public’s ability to ascertain the truth is nearly impossible.  Investigations and conflicting accounts are many, ramped up by calculated distractions, bombshells, cover-ups, leaks and the ongoing battle to control the public narrative.

“The smoking gun in Watergate was President Nixon’s effort to use the CIA to impede an FBI investigation.  What kind of ‘gate’ is the misuse of the intelligence community to get inside information on an opposing presidential candidate?” writes American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Peter J. Wallison in an essay for RealClear Politics.  “It may turn out that the Democrats, so eager to prove that the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians, have unknowingly blundered into a matter that will come back to damage both their party and the Obama administration.”

So why are the Democrats willing to risk potentially exposing the dirty laundry of their own party and the previous administration  to pin collusion with Russia on the Trump team?

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh had a telling predication for the Democrat party and the news media itself — lovingly referred to as the “Democratic Media Complex” or the “Drive-by Media”, among other things.


“They’re a big hate group now, and they’ve been consumed with their hatred for Donald Trump, consumed with their hatred for the American people who voted for Trump, consumed with their hatred for open elections, consumed by their hatred of the fact they can’t get rid of Trump,”  Rush told his 10 million-member audience last week.  “Folks, the only thing I’m telling you is, in terms of humanity, that you do not build good, positive, growing movements from a foundation or platform of hate.  And they are consumed by it now.  They are ravaged by it, and they have become completely irrational to the point of even openly acknowledging the abandonment of the sacred principles of journalism in order to stop Donald Trump.”

As these scandals play-out and the truth begins to reveal itself, the Democrats are living on the edge of becoming irrelevant in American politics.  A large majority of the population is tired of political games, just take a look at the approval ratings of our elected officials, and they are tired of politicians who manipulate the truth for political expedience.

So by all means stand up to Trump, point out that he’s a charlatan and resist his initiatives.  Spew your hatred… But remember that social progress means winning over voters in flyover country, and that it’s difficult to recruit voters whom you’re simultaneously castigating as despicable, bigoted imbeciles.

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