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Iraqi War Vet Says More MOAB Bombings Would Have Saved Lives and Spared Injuries

Former U.S. Marine bomb technician Johnny Joey Jones went on Fox News Happening Now to explain why Trump’s more expansive military policy is saving lives and keeping soldiers from injury in a way that previous administrations did not.

The interview was sparked when Johnny tweeted:

“This is an issue [MOAB bombing] I am personally connected to it” Jones explained.  “My tweet began, I lost my legs because…  and the story behind that was — I was a bomb tech and part of my job was taking apart bombs.  I loved doing that and I miss it every day but the operation I was actually injured on was a ghost town where the enemy has stockpiled components to build IEDs with.  We were trying to neutralize those IED components.”


“We made the decision to go into that town after it was vacated by civilians and most of the enemy and render safe IEDs in order to neutralize that.”

Jones and his cohorts recognized that entering the town could be extremely dangerous and they recommended to their superiors that instead the conduct strategic bombing or ordinance/artillery to neutralize that threat.  Jones believes that fear of the headlines played a major role in not pursuing this as an option to destroy the IED making facilities.

“At the time, the headline ‘US drops bombs’ or ‘US uses artillery’ just wasn’t worth it — I guess risking us was,” Jones explained.

Jones believe that the action with MOAB made a statement — a statement that says “we are going to do what we need to and we are going to keep our guys and gals safe.”

It’s also clear he believes that using MOAB on the ghost town would have saved his legs and the life of his fellow marine.

I’ve heard this point be made by other vets on social media and cable news, and it makes a lot of sense.  I can’t imagine why anyone would object to it, when the MOAB killed 36 ISIS militants, and hit NO civilians, and cost NO U.S. military lives.

Why weren’t we doing this before?  My guess would be battle field politics.  Rules of engagement and fear of bad optics put lives in danger.  Excessive American caution has cost American lives and American limbs, and it has left families and friends of the victims with deep psychological wounds.

Here is prime example where the right answer would have been to just blow that sh*t up.

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