MSNBC Chris Matthews Exposes Further Proof of Far-Left’s Delusions of Grandeur

The Left is in absolute denial and learned nothing from the rebuke they received last November. If they keep this up, Michael Moore will be proven right again in 2020... will make twice in the last decade.

There is no better way to describe the far-leftist ideology than they have all of the characteristics of a full blown cult.  They only associate with-like minded individuals, read and watch like-minded media, and demonize anyone who does not share their belief.  They have convinced themselves that they are the mainstream and nearly everyone thinks like them. Truly delusional.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews stated on Monday that he thought Democrats had “always been trusted,” and cited as evidence their refusal to abandon entitlement programs.  Totally oblivious to the fact that the unfunded liabilities of their beloved social programs are bankrupting the government they love so much.

During his show Hardball, Matthews told Representative Cheri Bustos that “I think Democrats have always been trusted, always. Democrats,” he continued, “had Americans’ trust when it came to economic issues like entitlements.”

“They created Social Security, they’re going to keep it. They created Medicare, they’re going to keep it. They created Obamacare, they’re going to refine it and make it better. They’re going to fight for it. People know that,” Matthews said.