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Rep. Adam Schiff Goes Silent After Reviewing Nunes Documents

Schiff, ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, was recently given the opportunity to review the same documents seen by Nunes.  I was actually a little surprised he actually looked at them.  I’d fully expected him to dismiss them sight unseen because, by his nature, Schiff is a partisan hack and that is just how he rolls. After looking at them he released this statement:


This is not the response I would have expected.  The response I would have expected from Schiff would have been to dismiss them, say they were nothing, and this is a distraction (standard MO for the Democrats).  Let’s look at what he did actually say.  He begins by totally misrepresenting what has happened.  The White House could not have given them to the committee because, as the Fox News report details, the White House didn’t have the documents until a leaker provided Nunes with a list of document numbers, Nunes was stonewalled by the intelligence community, and made his own arrangements to view the documents.

He then covers a begrudging acknowledgement that the material should be examined by the committee with another lie, that the White House gave Nunes the material. The fact that Schiff totally ignores the information and focuses on disparaging the process tells you all you need to know about what he saw.


Schiff has been peddling allegations of conspiracy and collusion instead of even giving the pretense of being objective.  It is no wonder the leaker approached Nunes privately rather than revealing himself to Schiff and a subsequent savaging by Schiff and his Democrat followers.  The very fact that the intelligence community refused to allow Nunes to see the documents he request, necessitating National Security Council intervention, speaks volumes for the way the intelligence community has tied itself to Obama and his administration.

So, Schiff’s silence speaks volumes about what the intelligence information actually indicates and even more highlights the need for a separate investigation into the prior administrations misuse of the intelligence for political purposes.

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