Thank you President Obama – The Democratic Party is Decimated!

President Obama's radical Progressive agenda has had a horrendous impact to his Democrat party. This may not be the legacy he wanted, but...

President Obama leaves office in 15 days with the Democratic party in ruins. The past eight years has decimated the party at all levels.  Even the Radical Left media recognizes it. Watch:

When Obama took office in 2008 he enjoyed a Democratically-controlled House of Representatives and a super-majority in the Senate, not to mention that Democrats totally controlled 20 state governments.  The cry from the left was “Republican party is Dead.”

A short eight years later and the Democratic Party is now the one wandering aimlessly in the wilderness.


Under Obama, the losses were horrendous:

  • 63 House seats lost
  • 11 Senate seats lost
  • 13 governorships
  • nearly 1,000 state legislator seats

The GOP will now have complete control of the White House, both chambers of Congress, and 33 states have Republican governors.  In 25 of those 33 states, Republicans control the legislature as well. Unlike in 2008, there are now only five states with complete Democratic control.

It’s so bad that the Washington Free Beacon named President Obama their “Man of the Year.”

Thank you Mr. Obama.

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