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Where is Imran Awan? Jan 8th Awan Hearing Disappears From Court Calendar

Court date mysteriously disappears for former Democratic IT aide following President's Executive order on corruption... coincidence?

Imran Awan, former Congressional IT staffer, was indicted in July and charged with crimes surrounding multiple loans from the the Congressional Credit Union and others.  Awan and his wife Hina Alvi were charged with “conspiracy to commit bank fraud, bank fraud, making false statements on a loan or credit application, and engaging in unlawful monetary transactions.”  A grand jury returned the indictment in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.  Awan is currently wearing an ankle monitor as a result of his attempted fleeing back in July.

Awan’s next court appearance was scheduled for January 8th, but Daily Caller reporter Luke Rosiak discovered on Thursday that Imran Awan’s scheduled court date had disappeared from the court calendar.

Also strange is the fact that this anomaly occurs just days after President Trump signs an Executive Order “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.”  Could it be that the court delay was because additional charges under this new order are coming Awan’s way? Who knows.

A little over a week ago, Rosiak reported that an Awan car dealership know as Cars International A (CIA) had a number of shady dealings and suspected ties to Dr. Ali Al-Attar, an Iranian decedent with ties to Hezbollah. Al-Attar is currently a fugitive wanted by the U.S. Government.  If allegations turn out to be true, then Awan may be subject to the Executive Order.


Rosiak of the Daily Caller reports:

On its Facebook page, CIA’s “staff” were fake personalities such as “James Falls O’Brien,” whose photo was taken from a hairstyle model catalog, and “Jade Julia,” whose image came from a web page called “Beautiful Girls Wallpaper.”

If a customer showed up looking to buy a car from Cars International A, often referred to as CIA, Abid Awan — who was managing partner of the dealership while also earning $160,000 handling IT for House Democrats — would frequently simply go across the street to longstanding dealership called AAA Motors and get one. […]

While Imran and Abid Awan ran their car dealership in Falls Church, Va. in the early part of the decade, Drug Enforcement Agency officials a few miles away in Chantilly were learning that the Iranian-linked terrorist group frequently deployed used car dealerships in the US to launder money and fund terrorism, according to an explosive new Politico expose. […]

In 2010, the CIA dealership took a $100,000 loan from Dr. Ali Al-Attar, who is of Iranian heritage and was a minister in the Iraqi government, according to court records. Al-Attar is a fugitive wanted by the U.S. government. Philip Giraldi, a former CIA officer, wrote that Attar “was observed in Beirut, Lebanon conversing with a Hezbollah official” in 2012–shortly after the loan was made.

Note: If you have not followed the Awan Brothers spy ring in Congress saga, you should read some of the numerous articles written by Rosiak.

Now it even gets stranger.  The very same day the court date disappeared from the court calendar, President Trump draws attention to the shady Awan situation.

“Whatever happened to this Pakistani guy who worked with the DNC?” the president asked in an interview published Thursday by the New York Times.

“Whatever happened to them?” Trump continued. “With the two servers that they broke up into a million pieces? Whatever happened to him?”

Neither Awan nor any of his suspected conspirators have been charged with anything specific to his IT duties in Congress. But the case has drawn interest from Republican lawmakers because of Awan’s role for prominent Democrats and the access he had to the sensitive data of Congress’ national security related committees.

Very strange that the same day Awan’s court date disappears, the President brings up Awan out of the blue.

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